REVIEW – The Lost Boys

My friend suggested we go along to our local arts cinema to watch a showing of The Lost Boys. Now I will be honest, I had never seen nor wanted to see see the film. I remember growing up and my mother’s friend was obsessed with Kiefer Sutherland so talked about the film a lot. She even loaned us a copy on tape, which she of course never saw again. So I went along with trepidation. I mean a comedy horror about vampires (thanks for the info IMDb) what could possibly go wrong?!

Well… it was bloody great! It was fun and hysterical. It paid homage to vampires of old and the gothic genre as a whole. It mixed genres – I am looking at you high school teen angst cliches mixed with oh so obvious horror tropes . It just doesn’t take itself seriously and yet manages to be an enjoyable fanfare all the same. And then there is how fabulously 80s the whole thing is. The costumes, the hair, Corey Feldman and the weird way how EVERYTHING is strangely seductive and smokey… I enjoy the 80s as a genre far too much – already my weak spots are starting to show.

Now the “don’t do drugs they are bad” theme is still as relevant now as it was then – although I am sure the vampires would look a lot worse off on some of the junk out there these days. However, the light take with seducing 80s tones in the background make it all the more appealing. I love the fact that this may be the best and least subtle vampire/drug story that exists.

“So what are you? The flying nun?”


Then there is just how hilarious the film is. Edgar and Alan, the vampire hunters, are a particular highlight – about as glum as the poet himself. And grandpa’s zingers are just great. This is what I love about the 80s is the fact that humour WAS humour. None of this slapstick over the top comedy (stay with me as I know I just contradicted myself) but this is smart humour. Intelligent humour. Just laugh out loud humour.

Now the final act is entirely predictable, but still very crowd pleasing. The deaths are momentous – a bath of onions mixed with holy water – and tick every vampire motif in the book. The movie doesn’t take itself too serious and because of this it has cemented itself in vampire genre hall of fame.

Rating – 8.5/10

Best Moment – Sam and the vampire hunter’s interrogation of Max at the dinner table.

Best Quote – “One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach, all the damn vampires.”

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